Meet our devoted staff members


Carolyn Heath

Executive Director

Carolyn founded Each One Teach One Adult and Family Literacy Program of San Antonio in 2004 in the basement of Antioch Church on San Antonio’s Eastside. Her aim was to help local low-skilled adults prepare tax forms, fill out job applications and study the Bible. Using knowledge gained during study for her Master of Management and Bachelor of Science in education degrees, as well as skills honed over years of project management with Fortune 500 companies, Carolyn made it her mission to develop a business model for adult literacy provision. More than a decade later, EOTOSA is an expanded and impactful organization that has helped improve the skills and the lives of more than 500 learners in San Antonio.


Administrative staff

Connie Tobe

Program/Site Coordinator

Leigh Hill

Project & Data Coordinator

Julia Martinez 

Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator

Andrew McConnell

IT Systems Engineer/Administrator


Program staff

Esther Villa

Literacy Instructor

Lee Russell

Literacy Instructor

Bailey Pownall 

Literacy Instructor

Frank Hicks

Literacy Instructor

Molly Mckenna

Literacy Instructor

Linda Lehberger

Literacy Instructor

Patsy Rodarte

Literacy Instructor

Jouielle Sam

Literacy Instructor

Megan Achterhof

Digital Literacy Instructor

Carol Raven

Literacy Instructor